Mornings with Jazz – from puppy to adult

I can’t speak for every spaniel or every other high energy dog owner out there but I have a strong suspicion many of us experience a “puppyhood amnesia”… This cunning loss of memory of all the things sanity challenging allows us to not only selectively recall the cutest, loveliest of moments whilst erasing all hair rising ones but it also stops all hesitations when faced with acquiring another puppy! That’s how I feel anyway!


At 8 weeks old Jazz was the most adorable puppy with softest ears, just that tiny bit too much skin, pup fat and proper puppy eyes but she was also quite independent, stubborn and very determined to test her teeth on human flesh. Her perfect morning started about 4.30am and that lovely routine lasted a few months although it seemed like years at the time. She arrived with us in April so thankfully it wasn’t too cold for it to be a pain to take her out quickly but it certainly wasn’t a heat wave like we are having here at the moment! Her house training was very easy and although she has had good few “incidents”, she was quite insistent that she was to go out for toilet needs. I was pretty sure she simply figured out that toilet also meant play time outside and that was the main reason she would sit by the door with her puppy eyes asking to go out!

After the initial traumatic experience of changing my life from an owl style to one of a song bird, I fell in love with it.

Thanks to Jazzy’s need to see the world at Impossible o’clock I’d seen the most amazing sunrises, heard the most incredible symphonies of bird songs and possibly inhaled the most wonderfully scented air with that freshness that only comes at very early hours of the morning.


As Jazzy matured, she very kindly shifted her morning walkies time to 5am, then 6am and so on until it settled between 6.30am and 7.30am for about a year. I grew to cherish those early hours and fell into a routine of an admin work with a cup of coffee once her highness settled into snoozes for a couple of hours.Β  I wish I took more photos at the time but it always seems like there would be an opportunity to snap later and that later never came. I will make sure not to make the same mistake with the next pup!

I know many dog owners who opt to never let their dogs on bed, sofa or chairs but I never did so Jazzy was a queen of all surfaces other than tables from the word go. She, however, slept in her crate at night with puppy pads until she was reliably waiting for sunrise with toilet needs. After that she was allowed to sleep on the bed and her favourite spot has since been either pillows or under the duvet. She likes to have her own sleeping time too though and always migrates under the bed or into her own bed after initial cuddles or mid-night dive under the duvet.

Jazz: ‘You know that Sunday lie-in concept you were telling me about?’ Me: *feeling hopeful* “Yes?” Jazz: “Could we discuss it on our usual 6am walk? Me: …….

At around 9th/10th month of age, Jazzy started to appreciate a lie in and at first I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to continue seeing the sunrises! πŸ˜‰ In a long run though, 7 – 7.30am is a much more humane regular wake up time and I am quite happy with it, more so in the winter…Summer comes with variations, especially this one with a 6th consecutive week of very high temperatures and no rainfall.

At 2 and a half years old Jazzy is such a cuddle bug that I forgive the Tyrannosaurus Rex puppyhood.

Each morning she jumps on the bed and stares at me willing me to say hello upon which her version of it begins. If I pretend not to see that she’s awake and ready to go, she will come closer and closer to my face until her nose is firmly pressed into my eyeball πŸ˜‰

Once I give in she proceeds with her few minutes of morning hugging and stretching before we start the day πŸ™‚Β  What’s your morning with your dog like? Any “funny” puppy moments that you think you might have chosen to forget? πŸ˜‰

Post morning walkies Springer sprawl and a cup of coffee for me!Β 

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  1. Jazz was such a cute puppy! 😍 She’s so gorgeous now though. Mine both slept in crates up until about two years of age and my brother used to let them out and they would charge up the stairs and onto my bed jumping all over me. It’s definitely the best wake up call apart from when buddy used to get so excited that he would pee everywhere πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

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    1. Wiola And Jazz says:

      Haha I love Jazzy’s wake ups πŸ˜€ The two of them thundering upstairs must have made for quite a welcome though! πŸ˜€


  2. braveheart91 says:

    Back to talking about Zoey again because my oldest, Jasper, doesn’t really have any morning routines. However, Zoey has created a pretty annoying habit of late; she won’t eat her breakfast in the morning unless I sit there on the couch by her crate and watch her eat. I’ve tried to sneak away, to go and get around for my day, but she is very insistent! *sigh* Maybe one day she’ll grow out of it?


    1. Wiola And Jazz says:

      I am not sure what feed you are feeding as would be tricky with some but in my experience, unless the dog is ill, they will eat when truly hungry. If Jazz doesn’t eat her meal for whatever reason I just leave it or take it away an hour later and give her an option to re-consider at another time. She’s actually very good with her food but around her season times or when it’s very hot she skips her meals. It would only worry me if I was suspecting other issues. Hope you get the problem solved πŸ™‚


      1. braveheart91 says:

        Yep, I feel the same way. It was very unlike her and I know she should still be eating as usual because she is still growing, but I used to leave the food in the cage all day if one of our previous dogs didn’t eat right away. The trick now is that her brother will end up eating the food for her if I’m not careful. So I’ve changed tactics; if she doesn’t eat in the morning, I leave it in her crate. If I’m in the room to watch the dogs, I just instruct her brother not to touch her cage (he listens so extremely well, even though he’s a food-hungry dog all the time). If I need to leave the room, I just close the cage door. After the past two or three days of doing this, it’s worked wonders. She eats by the time her next meal rolls around and then I just put more in her food bowl for later.


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