Jazzmine – English Springer Spaniel, female, born 21/01/2016; born and living in England

Wiola – owner of the above beautiful creature, born the same year that Voyager 1 made its closest approach to Jupiter, raised in Poland but been living in England since her early 20’s

Jazz came into my life at a troublesome time and immediately made it better.  A huge cliche it may be, she has brought masses of joy to every morning and her incredible, positive, alert energy helped me deal with many difficulties in a way only a dog can. From the day she arrived as an 8 weeks old puppy in the Spring 2016 to now, she has been my beloved shadow and the best companion anyone can wish for.

In my childhood there have always been animals around me. My Dad fostered Police dogs and my earliest memory is of a German Shepherd puppy named Caesar that was found unsuitable for service due to his character. He would hide under furniture in the sitting room and “hunt” mine and my brother’s legs with such persistence I was actually worried to enter the room.

This didn’t stop me from being totally dogs obsessed later on bringing home every stray dog I could find causing my parents some decent stress! I overstepped my mark when together with another dog mad friend we bought a whole litter of puppies off a street seller (you could buy anything anywhere in the 90s!), brought them home and announced them “found homeless”…

In some 25 years we’ve gone through some wonderful dog ownerships, bred a couple of litter of puppies, attended dog shows and if someone told me back then I would soon enter a 10 years period without owning a dog I would have thought them insane.

Alas, that’s what happened. I spread my love for dogs to love of horses and even though there had always been dogs around me, I had to wait until Jazz to own one again.

English Springer Spaniels are not a very popular breed of dogs in Poland where I grew up but I was familiar with them courtesy of my grandfather’s passion for hunting and shooting. A spaniel was on my list of “dogs I’d love to own one day” among some fifty + other breeds to be fair. It jumped up a list considerably when I actually met them “in person” and right now I can quite confidently consider myself a crazy spaniel lady 😉


In my everyday life I am my own boss running a small equestrian coaching  & training programme based in Buckinghamshire with some clients in West London. This blog is a way for me to share my adventures with Jazzy (and any siblings I might get for her!), connect with other dog owners, document our training and hopefully write about our travels to some fabulous places!

If you stumbled upon our little corner on the web and happen to have a dog blog or a dog Instagram account, please do leave me a comment with a link, I would love to find other dog lifestyle bloggers out there 🙂

We are @jazzcoachingdog on Instagram

Wiola & Jazz